Lew’s Bio

Sirius is currently a “one-man band.” Most of my clients see this as an advantage, as they are assured that they will not have a technician who is unfamiliar with their system and/or generally inexperienced sent to their sites. I always make myself available for emergencies. I maintain relationships with several other area firms in case additional expertise is ever needed.

I have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, CNE certification, and over twenty-one years of experience with Local Area Networks.  My clients are all over the Washington DC area, in a variety of different businesses, with any number from one to thirty computers. I would be happy to provide you with references if you wish.

Please do not hesitate to call should you have any questions or concerns whatsoever!

– Lew Komarow



Novell Certified NetWare Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional, CompTIA A+ Certified

Capabilities include:

-Consulting regarding all aspects of computers and networks

-Resale of computers, peripherals and software

-Built to order high performance Windows workstations and servers

-Networking (Peer-to-Peer, Novell, NT, etc.)

-Troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, upgrades





"To provide everything the small business needs; nothing it doesn't; and the wisdom to know the difference."